happily oblivious

21 . September . 2011

what construction?

why, it’s going to feel
positively palatial in here
once we occupy that
space again.

[did i mention it’s going to
be additional living space
instead of a bedroom
in the future?
desk, sitting space,
the piano
(you know,
the imaginary one;
anyone have a piano
for sale or loan?) ]



21 . September . 2011

c + lu
cheer betsy on
at her first ever
soccer game.

inspired by zaccheus,
they found a perfect spot
to watch the action.

betsy loved it.

she has made a special spot
in her room for her soccer uniform
and has said every day,
i can’t wait until sunday.

the teams inadvertently
switched goals mid-quarter and,
this being G6 soccer and all,
your first foray into
learning the basics,
the gentle ref didn’t
even mention it,
just quietly ran alongside them
encouraging them on.

one of b’s equally-rookie teammates
was overheard saying,
‘why are the girls in white shirts
on the field, too?’

our hearts are with
the cates family;
we love you so much.

i love my cheerful, adventurous,
generous, loving mother-in-law
more than life itself.