bump(s) in the road

27 . September . 2011

the trucks + workmen arrived
in front of our house this morning
to build a school-initiated
speed bump on our street.

why, hello, littleredhouseinthecity.

and what an appropriate sign
for this season of our life.

the irony of the timing?

a literal speed bump
being constructed
in front of our house.

given the past 2 weeks of
consecutive speed bumps

(some feeling like unscalable
cinder-block walls)

church changes,

family health sadness,

house construction chaos…

heavy hearted but hopeful
on west 70th st,

real-life parallels for this
[rather mopey] day?

this sad, drippy fire hydrant
on patricia/mary ellen’s street.
i felt sad and drippy.

next to nathan’s school,
why, yes,
i feel that way, too.

his mercies are new every morning. xx

ps –
so sorry about your broken arm, eli;
you are ridiculously tough.

pps –
don’t tell eli that we had a
Total Blast
here in apt 1 with his brothers
while his precious parents
took superb care of him at the ER;
a party night with adam + daniel,
that’s for sure.

serious fun on a school night.

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