of shofar + challah

28 . September . 2011

it’s a special time
in our neighborhood,
as the jewish community prepares
for rosh hashanah.

i hear the new year’s greetings of
‘shana tova’
among our school families
see their heavy bags of ripe apples
dangling from their strollers,
ready to be served with honey
and wishes for a sweet
new year.

there is talk of children’s outfits
(synagogue on both thurs and fri morning)
and what they will serve
at brunches or dinners
that follow the services.

[one friend said, with a wink,
‘my house will be full of
jewish nomads from all over
the city.’]

and one thing i hope we
catch a glimpse of again
this year,
families standing by the
hudson throwing their
pieces of bread into the
flowing water,
symbolizing the
repentance + release of sins.

our community,
coffee hour
after the 5pm service
this past sunday

‘the LORD said to Moses:
‘make two trumpets of hammered silver,
and use them for calling the community together…’
numbers 10:1

‘be exalted in your strength, LORD;
we will sing and praise your might.’
psalm 21:13

shana tova, friends.