why, hello there, downtown moms

31 . October . 2011

an upcoming bulletin announcement:

downtown mom’s group
(bpc, FiDi, tribeca, etc)

are you a Mom living downtown?
we are gauging interest for a possible mom’s
group in or around battery park city.
this would be a place for mom’s to
consistently connect with other mom’s through
prayer, worship, Bible study and fellowship.

childcare or children’s classes would be
provided.  to express interest and find out more,
leave a comment and i’ll send you
angie’s contact email.


of snow + scripture

30 . October . 2011

‘it feels like we’re
inside a snow globe.’
@ city seminary
during the snowstorm

tremper longman
taught on proverbs;
so helpful.

we came home to this,


thank you,
cory, nathan, henry + harry.


not even steaming soup
on the table could
lure these hard workers
away from their
energetic task.


…earlier in the afternoon.


30 . October . 2011

warm your hands

29 . October . 2011

a spot o’ sunshine

29 . October . 2011

piano-lesson bound

Love bade me welcome; yet my soul drew back,
guilty of dust and sin.
but quick-eyed Love, observing me grow slack
from my first entrance in,
drew nearer to me, sweetly questioning
if i lack’d anything.
‘a guest,’ i answer’d, ‘worthy to be here:’
Love said, ‘you shall be he.’
i, the unkind, ungrateful? ah, my dear,
i cannot look on Thee.’
Love took my hand and smiling did reply,
‘who made the eyes but i?’
‘truth, Lord; but I have marr’d them: let my shame
go where it doth deserve.’
‘and know you not,’ says Love, ‘who bore the blame?’
‘my dear, then I will serve.’
‘you must sit down,’ says Love, ‘and taste my meat.’
so I did sit and eat.

– george herbert

of candlelight + crayolas

28 . October . 2011


a weekend’s evening
coloring sheet.

[thanks, madebyjoel]

he said what?

28 . October . 2011

‘it is Jesus who will lead us
in and through the dailiness of life
and the darkness of the world
into something new:

a simple, loving friendship with God
where we will be free from fear, hatred and violence:
free to love people,

particularly those who are
weak and suffering.’
p 29

‘Jesus meets a broken woman
and gives her new life.

transformed, she then gives life to others.

Jesus comes to give us life
so that we may communicate
life to others.

this life is one of communion and relationship.’
p 89

jean vanier,
drawn into the mystery of Jesus
through the gospel of john.

damien hirst, valium.

do you know my favorite part
of thursday?

waiting outside apt 3AB on
a pretty, rainy street
a few blocks north of here,
and hearing the divine mrs. goble
leading the girls in
‘thy word’

and then she urged them,
louder, girls!

and their voices FILLED
the building.

filled. the building’s stairwell.

i cried,
stunned by the beauty
of their eager message.