henry’s slam dunk 9th bday

1 . October . 2011

get ready for
a sweaty sweaty sweat-fest
of relays, games +
bouncy balls

because it’s
henry’s. ninth. birthday.

woot woot

all angels church gym
80th + broadway/west end ave

‘crazy goalie’

‘knock out’

‘everyone’s it tag’

[when the person who tagged you
gets tagged themselves,
you’re back in the game.

if you tag eachother simultaneously,
you do rock-paper-scissors
to see who’s out.]

‘sharks + minnows’

picture proof that
mama jennings
was in da house.

da bounce house.

…and many more…

laura lets loose.

daniel gets his pinata groove on.

betsy cracks up.

hooray for jane

cheerful caroline

see that noisemaker?

the first thing cory said
on the way home in
the full-of-party-supplies taxi cab was,

‘the kind that rolls out
when you blow it and

‘that’s the kind we want
next time.’

eli was powerful even with his
non-dominant arm;
way to go, kiddo.

ez cracked it!

whack-attack from jandro.

harry delivers the blows.

way to go, ethan!

daniel delivers

adam was beast

love that ref.

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  1. jenny Says:

    Happy happy birthday to Henry! The Friends love you!!

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