gentle tuesday

4 . October . 2011

mahvelous, dahling,
you look mahvelous.

jane + caroline
on our way to ballet.

the entry wall to the
ballet studio,
degas’ ballerinas.

with cory away,
bernhard + judy wanted to
lighten my load by bringing us
the most succulent dinner
last night. thanksfriends,xo.

the DOT job i totally want?

road word painter.

they wrote
‘B U M P’
in front of my house yesterday.

it looks fantastic.

i just wanted you to see this
because any minute now
three of these yet-intact teeth
are goners.

to her sheer delight.

c + b have their eye on a pair
of 3″ red heels at nordstrom rack
in union square.


the anticipated
toothfairy cash
will put them
over the top.

we love you, daddy

the only sweet part
of cory being away?

the nightly snuggle-fests.

first night:
betsy + caroline on
either side of me,
henry above us in betsy’s loft,
nathan enjoying the boys’ loft all to himself.

second night:
henry + caroline in my bed.

who knows what
tonight’s spoon-y configuration
will be.

ps –
we’re puppy-sitting this wk
we’re thrilled.

welcome, noel.

pps –
she’s famous.

ppps –
nathan seems to be getting
a little cold, which prompted
us to watch this before
he headed out the door to school
this morning:

for God’s sake, woman, he’s a man, he’s got a man cold!


2 Responses to “gentle tuesday”

  1. Katie Says:

    SO making that chicken dish for dinner tomorrow night! Delicious!
    and LOVE! Betsy’s grin! I wanna squeeze her!

  2. Karen Says:

    I love it, the red shoes. Looking forward to that post! Your kids are getting SO big!

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