columbus day*

10 . October . 2011

just a cozy reading/apple-eating moment
in a snuggly living room…

oh, wait,
half of the room
is missing.

cory chose ‘hoosiers’
for family movie night tonight.

a first time for
carrie, em + i
as well as for the kiddos.

running to church
with jandro in the mix.

airplane skywriter
mysteriously writing,
L A S T C H A N C E.

last chance for what?!

v. curious.

on park avenue, dahling,
en route to
american girl doll,
our first time ever.

the simmons ladies are in town!
hooray for
wendy, annie + madeleine.

organic hotdogs,
the newest foodcart
to hit west 70th st.

thought you were heading
to compass for dinner tonight?

seemingly overnight,
it’s now ‘loi‘,

[think: greek]

on our way to
betsy’s first ever
soccer tournament.

to cory in his ref uniform,
she said,
‘wow, daddy, you look fancy!’

w/ tara, veda + georgia,
from her actual soccer team;
so excited they got to be together.

the ‘pink princesses’
announce their team name.


brothers night out,
international style:
cory got to meet up with
danny @ the cumberland
[think: n/e corner of hyde park]

love that they were
both in london
at the same time.

love to danny + stacy.

our prayers are with [grandma] barb,
especially tomorrow morning.

*happy canadian thanksgiving
to judy w + ryan a.

ps –
come to nathan’s (and bethany!) concert
@ miller theatre, columbia univ,
next sunday, oct 16th,
the sonic festival.

hilighting 7 composers under age 40.

they’re [ypc of nyc] sharing a set with
rufus wainwright.


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  1. morveniona Says:

    love me some Cates family photos!! And Cory does look fancy in his ref’s uniform! Very pleased Betsy is playing soccer too – J will give her a game next time we’re over!

    Skype sometime soon?

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