on magic + butterbeer

13 . October . 2011

when: 4:35a this morning
where: henry’s cozy bed
what: a surprise wake-up

henry, henry!
i think there’s an owl in the house.
an owl, henry, come look.

i think the [unseen] owl has a message…
…there’s a message being delivered
from a ‘minerva mcgonagall’,

‘dear mr. h. cates,

we are pleased to inform you that
you have been accepted at
hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.

your term begins today…


[groggy, half-open eyes] yes?
guess what?

in twenty minutes, the hinzmans are
coming to pick you up and
you and harry (and scott + sara)
are flying to florida
and going to harry potter world today!

for FOUR days!

you get to miss two days of school!

disbelief and then
complete joy

have fun!
see you sunday!
thankyouSOmuch, sara + scott!!


ps –
they’re staying @ the hard rock hotel
with a TWO.HUNDRED.AND.SIXTY.FOOT. waterslide.


it may be dark + rainy
in nyc
but it’s sunny where
you’re going, loveypie.

pps –
it was a surprise morning for
harry, as well,
and the fun part for us
was that they didn’t tell
him about henry getting to come
until they rolled up
in front of our house
and we got to watch
harry’s face!!

The. Best.

and then,
it was triplefun when
each of our still-sleeping kiddos
woke up and said,
‘where’s henry?’
and cory got to
re-tell the tingly tale

and the disbelief + joy
started all over again.


6 Responses to “on magic + butterbeer”

  1. Karen Says:

    best picture of Henry!! how amazing and fantastic! Although, I have to admit, I don’t really like surprises.. I like to savor the anticipation. (and have control and all that.) However, this seems like just a glorious moment of childhood!!!

  2. morveniona Says:

    Love it love it love it! Henry will remember this surprise forever!

  3. Carol c Says:

    Sorry! Harry potter movie sets turning into museum outside London! Original great hall, weasley house, hundreds of movie props.dumbledore’s office.

  4. JRT Says:

    That is Awesome!!! How exciting for him!
    Charlotte & Henry must meet again one day! Wait till I post some Halloween pics.

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