on marriage

14 . October . 2011

please come:

martin, tim + kathy
on why get married?
why stay married?

martin will interview t+k
for 45 minutes and then
will moderate a q and a
for another 30ish minutes.

register here.

highlighting tim + kathy’s
marriage book,
the meaning of marriage.

and it’s the first formal fundraiser
women’s bible society has ever done;
have you seen the ministries
they support?

significant + varied services in the city.

ps –
i also just ordered
this one by tuck + stacy’s
friend, winston:

i’ve seen it on two different
coffee tables this past week
and am hearing encouraging things.


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  1. thanks for the book recommendations! I always love what you recommend and I just purchased them both. Wish we hadn’t left NYC or I would be at the event this weekend.

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