friday in the city

21 . October . 2011

we live by your sheer grace.

this means we don’t deserve to have things go right,
yet we know you are working them all out for good,
because you love us in Christ.

our security in life is based neither on luck
nor hard work,
but on your gracious love for us.

you have counted every hair on our heads
and every tear down our cheeks.

you love us far more and better
than anyone else loves us
or than we love ourselves.

please remove our idol of security
which can never give us the security
we need.

in Jesus’ name,

– tim, gospel in life.

six children
sauntering down the sidewalk
to our house for
a few hours of
chumming around,
chicken+rice soup for dinner.


luckily, his pride was only
traumatized momentarily.

three teeth
in two weeks.

spaghetti in every empty-tooth hole.

she found the perfect spot
atop the train
to write in her
birthday journal from m+j xx

while wearing her birthday necklace
from r+p xx

a spectacular fall afternoon
on the hudson.

followed by a supersignificant
evening with IJM staff + friends;

thank you,
gary, saju, kurt, melissa, aletta,
and team;
thanks be to God +
may this work continue mightily.

some serious harrypotterworld debriefing
with emily.

cory dahling,
hurry home to me, babybaby,
i’m waiting.
and so is this peachapple pie.
xx kj

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