crisp fall days

25 . October . 2011

mom is here,

welcome, flat stella from kansas.
they took her to times sq
shortly after this photo.

a man waits for his meat.

an afterschool snacktacular.

bugger that reversable cameraphone feature.
i have 100 photos like this…

…when i’m trying to
capture things like this,
spontaneous ballet in the hallway.

just a normal snuggly
living room reading…

or is it?

look, ma,
no walls!

ten million thanks to cory,
to ted, to nick + nate +
maurice + regan + keely +
christina + anita + abe + all of
our friends who have worked
so hard to help us these past
2 months of weekends*.

we’re possibly more than halfway there
on operation extended-livingroom?!

dare to dream:
cory actually mentioned
the possibility of sheetrock
this wknd;
electrical is almost all in place.

sunshiney magnolia;
rays of the sun
or mom’s halo shining?

it’s a close call.

*remind me to tell you
about the steel beam.


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  1. JRT Says:

    And you look beautiful in that reversible camera pic!!

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