i miss her already

27 . October . 2011

grammy’s nail salon

i love this:

he mischeviously drew [permanent marker]
a L [loser] on the forehead
of nathan’s painstakingly carved pumpkin.

and when he realized [cue: nathan’s anger]
maybe it wasn’t as funny
as it seemed last night when he did it,

he scrubbed for no less than 20 minutes
with 409spray to get that
sucker off.

and it worked.

relationship restored,

[oh, that all conflicts
were so easily, tangibly fix-able…]

goodbye kisses before school.

aw, shucks, grammy. xo

this was incredibly difficult.

watching her leave.

i love when she comes
and it’s triple-hard
when she leaves.

happy time-in-virginia with
scott + katie + gracie.

make your own trail mix +
reading aloud as many james marshall books
as they could find.

ava calls this ‘hamstey hat’


3 Responses to “i miss her already”

  1. morveniona Says:

    reading aloud James Marshall books – ace!!

  2. carol c. Says:

    H+J reconciliation brought a lump to my throat!

  3. jenny Says:

    What a treat that your mom was able to visit! Glad you had a nice time.

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