word on the street

27 . October . 2011

thumbs up, mayor bloomberg!

think: 71st + broadway/amsterdam

that previously-oh-so-dangerous,


a few changes + it’s
entirely farther along
the pedestrian-friendly
[dare i venture: pedestrian-attracting? even]

the good people of some
pro-neighborhood committee successfully:

1. lengthened the crosswalk lines in all directions.

they almost doubled the length
of each white line;
huge + welcoming + fabulous.

more: takeyourtime.
less: runforyourlife.

2. they closed down a lane of traffic
btwn 71-72nd st on both sides
of the subway station
and halfway into the
X-crossing, making it much easier
to get to and from safely
dare i venture?
even improved it’s overall attractiveness.

see the boulder + planter combo?
there’s a matching set on the south median.

3. recently added the crosswalk countdown
to each street light so you know how
many seconds (from 19 to 0)
you have until traffic gets the
green light.

thumbs way up
and i’ll meetyouinthemedian.

maxiga says hello.

you want to go to there.

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