2 . November . 2011

annie + betsy

youth group costume winners:
adam (cereal-killer)
adelle (grandma)
ty (iphone)

ichiro as a hot dog

his sister, sophie, as a cheeseburger.
[kyoko as herself]

you guys are hilarious;
fingers-crossed john went
as a shake shack shake.

henry cates, esq.

he practiced some good
attorney jargon
and taped this in the back
of the phone book he carried

ms. b as pippi
in the school halloween parade

mr. miller as a giant baby

odd velvet

i adore sergio

b’s asst teacher, ms h, as missnelsonismissing

b’s costume was reversible
so by lunchtime,
she was a ladybug.

ms v (science + technology teacher)
as a mad scientist,
teaching all the classes
in full get-up including
the wild white hair.

the children appeared mesmerized,
as was i.


with some of our favorite twin sisters,
emily + isabel.

(e was b’s reading buddy last year,

trick-or-treat time.

the pet store gave
him a fish!

he named him treat and
we hope to actually keep
this sweet guy alive.


finishing her homework
during b’s lesson

the meaning of marriage
was released yesterday;
good job, bethany, t+k.
beautiful makeup artistry, amc.

loved seeing ava, jen + mercy
on the front row, baby.

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