conan invades the hood

4 . November . 2011

conan, in pencils.
time warner center, columbus circle.

lipstick @ sephora

[how did we miss the scoop
that sephora (only col circle?)
carries bobbi brown again?!

dude, conan’s everywhere.

he’s taking up a full-block sidewalk
behind the beacon
(is he taping his show there this wk?
if so, that’s awesome.)

it felt like summer yesterday.



‘prayers help. prayers and a lawyer help more.’
gary haugen in manila, 2009.

ijm in the new yorker:
fact power.

vito in the times:
a congregation in skinny jeans.

i laughed out loud
and was struck by much of this:
mark driscoll on philippians

kyoko passed this on,
handwriting: an elegy

looking for something to do tonight:
1. andrew walls @ csny
[be there or be square;
aka. pls join grace, cory and i]

2. n t wright @ central pres,
7:30p, 593 park ave
[emily will be there;
you want to go to there]

3. faith + work events, pre-conference


2 Responses to “conan invades the hood”

  1. Emily Says:

    The correct ps to the NT Wright announcement is “Emily will be there. you want to go to there.”

  2. Carole Says:

    very cool handwriting article!

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