feels-like-spring friday

4 . November . 2011

picture week at ps199

three cheers for mrs t +
her cheerful library staff
for hosting the pictoral-festivities.

a masonry-master at work
on 253/251;

his scoring, pointing + prepping
is so beautiful i could lose myself
watching him work.

ps –
i’m stung by this tidbit
in some redeemer fg materials:

‘train your group to stop praying away
the God-orained circumstances in their lives
(i.e., the challenging circumstances in life
that your loving, sovereign God has
ordained for His glory and your ultimate benefit.)

‘you in tended to harm me,
but God intended it for good to
accomplish what is now being done…’

genesis 50:20

‘actually say to your group:
let’s not focus on the circumstances we would like
to see God change in our lives, but on the specific
ways it seems God is trying to change us through
these circumstances.

‘for example, if i have been feeling ill, it is certainly
appropriate to ask God for healing,
but i don’t want to stop there.

i want to consider:
since i’ve been sick, have i been obnoxious to my spouse/roommate?
short-tempered with my co-workers?
have i been failing to keep promises and
excusing my sin because ‘the flu made me do it’?’


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