wknd bits

8 . November . 2011

coffee with karol
at magnolia,

cory & nathan
start bright and early.

scott hinzman put in
a huge day of helping us;
thank you, friend.

betsy reads to nathan b;
thanks to jeff [& nathan] for
all of your hard work on saturday.

ceiling sheetrock shim

tim takes on the

[and wins against a
stubborn piece of bedrock]

while tim, grace, cory & nathan work,
caroline, suzy and i make the beef stew.

grace’s insulation handiwork.

cory incorporated a special
piece of wood into the
innerworkings of the house;
morv’s sweet remembrance
is forever embedded in the
foundation of our home.

after excavating,
they built the suspended
floor joists that will be
the small extension of
our current living room floor.

[you can see the girls wall and
the main beam right inside there]

thank you, thank you:
tim & suzy,
scott h,
jeff & nathan brown
and clever grace c.

soccer boys

my favorite centerfielder

2 Responses to “wknd bits”

  1. morveniona Says:

    LOVE IT! I still maintain that drawing of Martha is the best free hand drawing I’ve ever done (my art skills are not legendary).

    How special to be incorporated into your house in such a novel way!

  2. Carole Says:

    I still don’t understand where you are going to sleep….

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