9 . November . 2011

remember our bright green door?

that pretty green that
greeted me with a happy
jolt of ‘welcomehome’?

a few weeks ago i got a
bee in my bonnet,
so many things are out-of-control
and changing about my life
and my house and
one thing within my control

the front door.
i’ll paint the front door!

so i polled a few friends &
taped up a few swatches &


cheery yellow,
just the thing.

so on that romantic building-supply-run
i presented my swatch
and they awarded me
with my very own quart of

and after
f o u r
it looked like this.

harry said it best,
cup-half-full guy that he is,
‘it looks great, mrs. cates!
it’s green and yellow at the same time!’

so at the next available moment
[six long days later]
i sprinted to janovic
and looked for the
decidedly-opposite of ‘yellow’

periwinkle-grey soothingsoothing.

coincidentally, it was the color of the
dress i was wearing at the paint store.

i needed something safe.

i have this feeling, though,
that this safe color will
need a boost come january.

we’ll see what’s around that corner…

[opinions welcome. xo]


3 Responses to “off-color”

  1. carol c. Says:

    i have leftover jasper yellow if you want it. and also half gallon of natural linen. and may have leftover burnt peanut red if i ever get around to painting my accent wall (one hopes in the next 2 months). so may have it by spring!

  2. Sophie Says:

    Love the gray – if you ever do decide to go yellow again primer might be in order! I love to paint!

  3. Carol c Says:

    P.s. Love the wreath!

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