12 . November . 2011


magnolia buddies.

making a list of games
she wants to play at
her [yet-to-be-planned-by-her-mother;
string on my finger]
birthday party.

a package in the mail
from lisa,

lisa is the pkg queen
for a reason.

utterly delightful loving
through the mail.

{hello, sonogram –
i think she’s having a girl.
meg & cory – boy}

coming home from a supercool
youth group outing:
the quidditch world championship
on randall’s island.

thank you to david + sharon,
roy + elizabeth!

i barely had 5 points
before nathan finished out
the first game;
second game continues now.

go, team.


One Response to “sabado”

  1. lisa Says:

    miss you all so so much! Glad you liked the small package!

    We will all find out if you are right or not in just over one week!! EEEEEE!!!! There should be wagers made where I get something no matter who wins. 😉 We hope to be in town in a few weeks. I’ll collect my winnings (hopefully in the form of a catan game and sweet laughs/stories) then.

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