holiday gifts near and far

15 . November . 2011

tis the season,
the citywrites season.

which means writing
a hundred names,


and tying them up with a bow
and shipping them to various
parts of the states &
even a few pkgs to the uk
and one to new zealand.

[thanks to the brave kiwi
who found this faraway-nyc handwriter
for her christmas gifts]

sadly that means
forgoing my beloved
morning coffee
in lieu of a steady hand.


a tree at the end of
our street;
i want to bottle the
essence of this

the new school drop-off
utilizes 5th grade
safety patrol;
love it. they are precious.

father-son math conference

my favorite besty-isms
right now:

true-or-false eyelashes
(she wanted to wear mine for halloween)

jig-see-saw puzzle


One Response to “holiday gifts near and far”

  1. carol c. Says:

    beautiful work! (citywrites)
    and hey- your apartment looking so HUGE. the ceiling makes such a difference eh?

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