a wknd remembered

17 . November . 2011

thanks to the 3 day wknd,
the construction progressed
in leaps + bounds.

thank you,
tim, nate, keely, meg, christina + scott s.

thank you,
my faithful, never-complaining,
loving, serving

rewarded with
meg’s famous
pumpkin chocolate chip cake &
one extra moment to shower before
the 5p service.

the new window was delivered on tuesday
(coinciding with early dismissal @ school;
the deliverymen were very gracious
and waited a few extra minutes
for us to schlep across,
thankyouverymuch + whew.)

and all of the kids estimated that it
looked decidedly bigger
than our existing window.

[see it leaning against
the wall on the right?]

both henry and caroline had to
get out the tape measure
and prove to themselves
that it would, in fact,

ps –
join me tonight @ mommy poppins/
scribble press?

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