expectations vs. reality

18 . November . 2011

inhaling + exhaling to the tune
of that dear old amy grant song:

when the weight of all my dreams
is resting heavy on my head,
and the thoughtful words
of help and hope
have all been nicely said.

but I’m still hurting,
wondering if I’ll ever be
the one I think I am.

then you gently re-remind me
that you’ve made me from the first,

and the more I try to be the best
the more I get the worst.

and I realize the good in me,
is only there because of who you are.
who you are…

and all I ever have to be
is what you’ve made me.

any more or less would be a step
out of your plan.

as you daily recreate me,
help me always keep in mind

that I only have to do
what I can find.

and all I ever have to be
all I have to be
all I ever have to be

thanks, amy.

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