props to pres lincoln

25 . November . 2011

…who, in the midst of a horrible civil war,
declared the last Thursday of November
a day of national thanksgiving to the
“Most High God”
for all of His mercies to our nation.

he reminded the people that God’s anger
may last for a moment,
but his mercy lasts a lifetime.*

currier & ives

photocredit: abby xo

a la scott

clemente’s + sauls + cates =
kids table

ohmygoodness, you guys are so precious;
you did a fabulous job yesterday.
weloveyousomuch, elenajandroabbyelliecarolinebetsynathanhenry.

earlier in the day,
quietly preparing.

angels arriving.

quigley as
guest of honor.

*thanks, chris, for that
poignant reminder +
the rest of the encouragement:

‘thanksgiving requires remembrance.
so let’s remember our sin from which He has saved us
and the glorious redemption that He will usher in
with all joy and authority when He establishes that
New Heaven and New Earth.

‘thank you, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.’

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