. six .

29 . November . 2011

happy birthday,
elizabeth ann cates,
our sweet bestyboo.

a ladybug pillow pet

thanks, g & p xo

caroline’s customized gift,
a new notebook for her
prolific sister.

matching birthday bracelets
so we can all remember
B throughout the day
wherever we are.


playing this 1k times today,
as loud as the speakers will take it.

i had never heard it before
we sang it @ catalyst 2 wks ago.


3 Responses to “. six .”

  1. carol c. Says:

    WHAT DID SHE GET? i can’t figure it out! 🙂 Happy Birthday dear Betsy! love the bracelets.

  2. jenny Says:

    Happy Birthday sweet Betsy. We love you!!

  3. morveniona Says:

    Lots of Betsy love coming over from Scotland!!

    Next year you should send us all Betsy birthday bracelets!!

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