tree lighting

29 . November . 2011

winter’s eve @ lincoln ctr

just little old us
and a few thousand of
our closest friends.

meanwhile, back at the ranch,
cory was on day 3
babysitting his concrete floor.

the name, ‘thinset’
was a bit deceiving
to me;

it’s rather hard to get it ‘thin’ &
it stubbornly resists,

and after it finally set,
he sanded it & vacuums up
the loose debris,
almost ready to lay the floor.

spot the penguin lunchpal?


2 Responses to “tree lighting”

  1. jenny Says:

    Great lunch! What a fun mom. (:

  2. Karen Says:

    love the bento! penguin pal… wow… new levels of fun!!
    Thanks for saving us at the tree lighting… my kids would have imploded without friends!!

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