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6 . December . 2011

Today, my mom (kj the dj), Caroline, Betsy,
the Ligh’s,  Ireland’s, Ji’s and I
went to All Angels Church to make
toiletry kits for homeless people.

Ms. Ashley from Hope for NY brought a little
after school snack

There were empty bags and contents
(deodorant, wash cloths,
lotion, shampoo, soap, and mouthwash)
to be put inside them.

We filled the bags as we walked around the room.
We worked so fast we had all 144 bags full and in boxes
in no time
😮  (no way!)

It was really fun and my mom had a good chance
to talk to the other moms

It took about 1 hour to do it but it was
TOTALLY worth it!

praying for the people
who will receive the kits.

thanks, ms. ashley.

sincerely yours,
henry p. cates


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  1. morveniona Says:

    LOVE the Henry Cates guest blog!

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