midweek moments

15 . December . 2011

the coziest afternoon christmas tea
in jen’s house-in-the-clouds.

see the white bldg
on the lower left?

that’s on our street,
just a few bldgs east of us,
and the ps199 playground is right
in front of it,
hi, kids xo

72nd + b’way is toward the upper-right.

caroling w/ mary + kristy

reading a book aloud together +
playing a game simultaneously,
talented playtime.

ethan, henry + harry
tear it up on a bit of afterschool ‘minesweeper’

v thankful for these
men who carted away
the old radiators we
pulled out of the back of
the apartment;

think: 150-250ish-lbs of steel.

he made this look easy;
these stones were ridiculously heavy.

last night’s fg christmas was
a book swap, dirty santa style.

before you opened the gift,
we quizzed you as to what kind
of a reader you are;
i loved learning new things
about these friends.
what they’re drawn toward and
what they avoid reading.

it was a compelling collection of
books swapped + stolen, including:

robert sabuda

and others that were recommended
in the conversation:

pliny the elder’s nat hist

smilla’s sense of snow

mental picture:
it was so special so special
to be at the 92nd st mom’s grp today
and to drink in all of those women,
and to enjoy sara’s famous sausagespinachpie,
and to carol with janice’s beautiful voice/guitar,

and to steal hold all of those babies.
kisses to cora + caitlin xo

ps – interested in a caroling opportunity on saturday afternoon
on the uws? let me know & i’ll forward you the info.

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