26 . December . 2011

get ready,
get ready,

the night before
the big chorus concert

a show of solidarity with her
2nd grade chorister sister.

of course i cried,

b adores the playmobil
meg gave her;
i only have 200 photos
of staged playmobil-ians
to show for it.

what’s a girls to do
with a dozen balloons + a bike
when she needs to make that
one last leetle fairway run
before the surprise bday lunch?

try the old
handlebar-hook +

happy bday, beautiful ava!

you mean the world to me.

{it’s true,
everything i know,
i’ve learned it from watching her.}

luscious packages in the mail.

the much-anticipated annual
hinzman-cates holiday breakfast

henry, skylar & karl’s group presentation, here here!

cheers for harry!

12 days of christmas

1. andre laurent alsatain choucroute sauerkraut
2. fra’mani salami
3. moutarde de pommery
4. belgain belberry confits
5. la trinquelinette fruit jams
6. bovetti chocolate bars
7. shimon kosher harissa
8. p’tit basque sheeps cheese
9. oil cocons arbequina
10. sweet banyuls vinegar
11. pruneaux d’agen
12. biscuiterie la tour gaufres


most wonderful time of the year?

anticipating postman eddie’s
daily christmascard mail drop.

lisa’s inspired ‘fort kit’
for the children’s christmas:

2 flat sheets
bungee cords
a tidy zipper bag to keep it all in

other things to do with said
flat sheet & rope
while you’re waiting

dinner in the fort,
a successful first-go of it.

thanks, friends.

morgan-cates christmas extravaganza

the christmas puzzle
is coming along nicely

cory’s famous
biscuits + gravy
{he learned from the best,
ahem, dad cates}

six hands painted
essie geranium
for christmas day

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