natural history

26 . December . 2011

our traditional christmas eve afternoon
@ the mus of nat hist

an outdoorsy gray’s papaya lunch
in verdi square
with plenty of romping about

we watched ‘apollo 13’
the night before
as a family
so they were triple-intrigued
with the space section.

the inspiration
for our family photo?

the american indian longhouse
houses 8 families;
similar to life on the west side, no?

henry’s class is
wrapping up an extended unit
on native american life,
so he was our tour guide
for the better part of
the afternoon.

ps –
i just finished
charles + emma
and recommend it.

the double helix is in my
hands now,
thanks to em,
and then
origin of the species is
next in my pile
followed by
the lost moon and
francis collins’
the language of God.
(one of cory’s all-time fav’s)

[the apollo 13 account by
jim lovell]

ps – playing around w/ photoboother

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