papa-lovin’ + diy

29 . December . 2011

coming back into the city
after a sweet outing
with mom + the girls.

sledgehammers + crowbars,
this is going to be fun.

standing in the hall closet,
looking into what was the
walk-in closet.

n’s skills have grown
beautifully the past 4 months.

mom looks glamorous
even during the dustiest
work day.

prying back the layers
revealed measurements from when
we were first putting the
house together,
supernostalgic +
deeply grateful.

headed off to see ‘warhorse’
[subsequent ‘thumbs up’ from
both critics]

lyd, caroline + ez
in a meeting of the minds.

the roller-skatey minds.

there’s a joke to be made here,
but not in public.

seizing a private moment in the back
of the house, betsy gets her
rollergroove on.

by nightfall,
a new room emerges.

[in the dark, because the power
is cut to this room temporarily]


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  1. cindy Says:

    Wow, more renovation! Y’all are industrious!

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