chez cates

6 . January . 2012

here’s where we are
as of 11:46a this morning.

my heart overflows with
gratitude to
the kids,

for their
hard work
this christmas/new years holiday.


and if you turn around from there,
and head back toward the
entryway/former ‘boys’ rm’
you’ll see this,

wellhellothere, mr. wall;
you look like you’ve always been there,

and then the angels {in my mind, at least}
start singing
as i step into
our room,
the room cory + daddy
so beautifully + skillfully
built for me,
for us.

henry made my bed this morning;
i’ll try hard not to muss it,

remember the family’s
walk-in closet +
the hall closet?

the next phase of their
collective life
is as our rosycozy


it’s even better in person
than i dreamed it.

you’ll have to come over soon.


ps –
what’s that?
where are the children?
where do the children sleep?

oh, the darlings!

why, in ‘sleeping adventure’, of course.

sleeping adventure, you say?

it’s not ‘the girls room’
it’s the ‘sleeping adventure’

{and something about it is
capital W ‘Working!’}

they apparently love it &
they’ve worked out a
fun system for staggered bedtimes &
honoring one another with
personal space/light/sound.


so while we excavate/renovate the next portion
of the downstairs,
{think: current laundry room + work room}
it’s sleeping adventure time.

or camp cates,
as one clever friend coined it.

flashlights are tucked in
each pillowcase.

girls + boys clothes
and a few carefully-selected toys/books

everything else is stored away
for the duration of construction.

{four months? five months?

and the little nook
cory built under the
stairs years ago
takes on all new significance
as a sweet spot for
private time with a
flashlight & a toy/book.

inspiration 1

inspiration 2

inspiration 3

newly created hwk stations
are at Max Occupancy,
delightfully so.

cranberry bread
ready for the oven.

ppps –
how to talk to little girls from b
don’t carpe diem from m

guilty pleasure:

the rays of afternoon sunshine
i’m enjoying while tucked up
on my bed with jc ryle’s
‘the duties of parents’
drinking in his words on prayer.


5 Responses to “chez cates”

  1. carol c. Says:

    1. Bless Cory and your Dad (and your community!) on a stupendous feat since that last weekend in August (i know, not yet complete, but OH so amazing!)!
    2. Suggestion: headlamps instead of flashlights?
    alex is loving his that i got him for christmas.
    3. WHAT’s behind that sumptuous curtain in your room!?!

    can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

  2. jenny Says:

    Looks so lovely! So happy for your increased space. And thank you for the links as well. xo

  3. Gill Says:

    WOW – big hats off to the DIY folks!! Looks ace Karijo. I did wonder where you had put those boys of yours!! But you left out whats behind the big curtain?????? Is it like Monica’s locked cupboard and really you have lots of clutter and stuff you can’t part with or is your whole pad a serene place of order and no clutter???(so unlike my house BTW!!) Sending lots of love – got your card – loved the picture. “High on a hill …lalalalala….”

  4. this looks amazing. you guys really did a great job. i can’t even imagine the blood/sweat/tears. thanks for letting us be a part of things. looks like it all is paying off.

  5. jordyn Says:

    i like inspiration 1 a lot. saw something like it in a magazine and have been dreaming about something like that one day…and maybe one of the beds will be filled by a fourth (or at least converted to desk or reading nook). šŸ™‚

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