on back-pocket-bibles

9 . January . 2012

Holy Lord, we are guilty of pride + unbelief,
of failure to find your mind in your Word,
of neglect to seek you in our daily lives.

our violations and shortcomings present our
consciences with a long list of accusations,
but they will not stand!
for we lay them all now on Christ,
our sacrifice + advocate.

Lord, subdue our weakness and selfishness,
granting us grace to live above them.
let us not be mastered by them,
but have you rule over us in liberty + power.

we praise + thank you for your wisdom and love.
deliver us from every evil habit,
everything that dims the brightness of
everything that prevents us from taking
our deepest delight in you.

-prayer of confession
5pm service
8 january 2012
scott c led us in worship

the girls, honor and i
were sitting behind the
boys, ezra + nate
for worship and
i was thinking how much
i love those men in front of me,
esp cory’s broad shoulders
and the bible in his back pocket.

ps –
nathan got to go with
carrie, em + kwes to
a shakespeare comedy show
last night and it apparently
was hilarious.

[we prodded n to recount
most of it to us over a
late-night bowl of cereal,
brilliantly funny stuff]

and c was still cracking up
at the gym this morning,
hours later.

love it.

pps –
as we prepare to move into
redeemer’s new building,
we will miss first baptist.
ethical culture.
all of the places that
have hosted us in the past;


go, joe!

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