on psalm 28

12 . January . 2012

i loved seeing caroline @ fg last night,
with bernhard, nick + cory
to one side
jeff + nate
to the other,

surrounded by godly men
pondering + discussing
God’s Word.

a blessing, to be sure.

may His words penetrate your heart
deeply +
exclusively, sweetheart.

ps –
fg dessert?
apple/pear sharlotka
thankyou, smitten kitchen.

nary a crumb left on the cakestand.

pps – ricky g + stephen m + jd =
‘life’s too short’

nobody makes fun of tim allen
on my watch and gets away with it.
-j depp

ppps –
five sentence email responses.


One Response to “on psalm 28”

  1. Karen Says:

    Did you make it? I seriously considered making this one! Love anything apple.

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