31 . January . 2012

i surprised my family with a
pop quiz last night before bedtime.

the discussion afterwards
when we went through
the answers was the bomb*.

Name: _____________________________________

part I:

{circle the correct answer}

1. I should put my dirty clothes:
on the floor, in the laundry bin, in the backyard.

2. After I dry off from my bath, I should return my towel to the:
kitchen, playground, bathroom hook.

3. If there are clothes or toys on the stairs i should:
walk over them, sit down & play, clear them off the stairs.

{true or false}

4. My pajamas are dirty after each time I wear them. T / F

5. I should take off my shoes and leave them downstairs. T / F

6. It’s no big deal if I don’t do my job for the day. If mom didn’t mention it, I shouldn’t worry about it. T / F

part II:
adapted from the verywise biblical parenting staff.

{read aloud}

Teaching Children to Affirm in Conversation

Many children don’t know how to listen without thinking about the next thing
they want to say. Or if they do listen, they make statements like, “I know,”
or “I can do it better than that.” Instead, teach children to affirm others in conversation.
It’s part of learning what it means to be a servant. Listening can be hard work.
It requires that children think of the other person, not just of themselves.

Children can say, “I agree” or “You’re right.” Instead of launching into their
own version of the story, teach them to encourage the other person first.
“That must have been exciting,” or “You saw a fun thing.” Good responses in
conversation are “Oh,” “That’s interesting,” or to ask a question.
Conversation can be self-serving or others-serving.

If your children continually talk and rarely listen, encourage them to
affirm the last thing you said before they begin talking. Affirming others’ speech
is a skill that children will use forever and it helps them address a little
of their own selfishness now. Furthermore, it makes conversations with children
more pleasant and enjoyable.

{exercise: affirm the last thing someone said before you begin talking}

practice saying aloud,

‘i agree’
‘you’re Right’
‘that must have been exciting!’
‘what fun!’
‘that’s interesting’
ask an appropriate question.

{fill in the blank}

7. Conversation can be _________-serving OR ___________-serving.

this led to a funny conversation/demonstration
between the 3 younger kiddos talking about what
they did at recess & affirming each other,

then i gave an example of a sad conversation
(when my grandpa died) and they affirmed how sorry they were for me,

and then nathan challenging cory
as to how you can do this when you disagree with someone.

n’s first example:
‘i think communism is the most
effective form of government’

c’s conversation-affirming response,
‘i can see how you would think that;
many people thought that for a long time,
but over time it hasn’t held up.’

last night’s pushup assignments
were 20, 14, 10 & 3, respectively.

chest to his fist, baby;
they rocked it.

one more coat of glossy white paint,

korean class w/ the sunny ms. helen

making fairy houses
for corinne’s bday

betsy named her fairies
‘lucy’ and ‘paula’
and labeled their wooden fairy-chairs
with a fancy ‘L’ and ‘P’

breakfast club
complete w/ honor & harry

nathan’s signature debris-hauling
scooter move

harry, world-class
debris-hauling assistant

studying psalm 119

v. 87-91, that is.

ps –
natural wooden nesting dolls?


pps –
the answers:
1. laundry bin
2. bathroom hook
3. clear them off
4. F, esp since they usually don them right after bath time.
5. F, shoe-shelf, silly.
6. F, the show must go on!
maturity = knowing what to do & doing it.
7. self-serving vs. others-serving

ppps –
hooray for blake & michelle

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  1. JRT Says:

    Do you get the biblical parenting daily email or where did you read that tip? Love it! I can picture the over-affirming conversations. Now might they only continue!
    And I love the pop quiz. Sassy.

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