sneaky lies

6 . February . 2012

‘satan doesn’t leave teeth marks on your skin,
he leaves lies in your heart.’

– tim, last night @ 5p service

b’s taking her timeline to school today,
our fourth first-grader to enjoy
this ritual.

hats off to our youngest cates!

this is what my audience looked like
this morning as we
‘the story of the world: vol 1’

cold & snuggly

they’re fully dressed for school
under their respective blankets,
so i was happy to oblige to their repeated calls,

‘just one more chapter!’

daniel & nathan;
go, suns!

during n’s bball practice

our moonlit walk home
under the beauty of the riverside church steeple
after an evening of the
clemente’s warmest hospitality. xo

knock-knock jokes on the bus

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