one tuesday in february

7 . February . 2012

the sparkling hearst bldg
near caroline & jane’s ballet

happy early bday, morv!!

this counts as your birthday week &
we’re going to celebrate on your behalf.

remember the blt party…
we love you & wish we were there on saturday.

mandarin hwk

reminiscent of
portlandia’s ‘did you read’
on the 2/3 express today

well, hello, city seminary!

‘expect great things from God for the city;
attempt great things for God in the city.’

-harvie conn, via mark’s paper in
the int’l bulletin of missionary research

patient&creative amy
helps caroline w/ a tricky math concept

we weren’t exactly traveling light
to piano lesson.

ps –
thanks to ann & hope
for their book list for girls;
i was just emailing back and forth
with jenny f & elizabeth m re: girls books.

pps –
tim on nyc church/school decision

ppps –
gabe on cade in the huffpo

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