will it snow?

11 . February . 2012

sleds ready, check.
boots by the door, check.
snowballmakers lined up & aimed at the kramers, check.

the minute those first 100 flakes come down,
we’ll race you to riverside.

biking to girls bible club
in february?

i wouldn’t have guessed it.

lolly love.

caitlin + caroline

the homeschool coop
chorus & movement performance

way to go, guys!

auction project work
in ms. h’s 2nd grade class;
love these kiddos.

we talked about how we’re raising money
for our school & later one one of the boys
discreetly asked,

‘about the [auction] money,
am i going to get paid for this?’

bff’s to be:
these pictures are the Hilight of My Week.

baby wraight in scotland &
baby eubanks in boston;

hellotherelovies! hanginthere! it’salmosttime

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