2 . March . 2012

anticipating builds:
the dedication service in the
redeemer’s w83rd building;

He has done great things,
bless His holy name.

my favorite way to see our entry way;
a jumbly-tumble of coats +
shoes discarded to promote
quicker entry to being with your friends inside…

ahhh, youth group.

mad props to bijan + his leaders;
you rule.

henry, caroline + betsy
l o v e d
preparing the snacks for yg.

i was touched watching them
so eagerly
so carefully
prepare + arrange-on-the-table
their culinary offerings.

mrpibb* + redvines = crazydelicious

the last ones there were playing
some cool game;
i shamelessly sneaked a picture,
their laughter was
eager. penetrating. beautiful. warm.

i was making myself scarce
but had to pop in for one.teeny.minute.

Yet you are near, LORD,
and all your commands are true.

Long ago I learned from your statutes
that you established them to last forever.

psalm 119:151-152

may this be their time of ‘long ago…’

*sadly, sans actual mr. p
in lieu of seltzer.

c’mon, now. who likes mr. p?!


a few weeks ago at the start of fellowship group,
betsy came at me full speed saying,
‘MOM we’re OUT of seltzer!!!’

and i responded,
‘woman! my time has not yet come!’

i didn’t.

but the fact that she thought the
Show Cannot Go On
without seltzer at fellowship group,

it was a proud moment.

she’s clearly been raised in the
Nurture & Admonition of the Lord.

itbegsthequestion: can group continue
when the seltzer runs out?

it was difficult,
but we pressed on.