a morning’s prayer

8 . March . 2012

{a very in-eloquent prayer to
start a sunny-but-confusing thursday}

i don’t know where to start today.

responsibilities & communications have my
heart in my throat,

where should i begin?

with the laundry/dishes/vacuum after fg last night?
with the phone calls i’d love to make,
to talk to friends in different circumstances and
remind eachother of the goodness of the Lord,

or the stacks of emails tying up loose ends.

and you know what haunts me?

thinking of my friends who seem to do
it all,
without hesitation or confusion.

i wish i were like them.

i wish i were like Christ.

oh, give me the mind of Christ.
give me His courage, which faced death on my behalf,
so that i can face what is in front of me

help. please.


happy 100th day of school