of wonder + faith

20 . March . 2012

mrs. goble had us reading
1 timothy 6 this morning,

‘…but you, timothy, man of God:
run for your life from all of this
[the lust for money]

pursue a righteous life –
a life of wonder, faith,
love, steadiness, courtesy.

run hard and fast in the faith.

seize the eternal life,
the life you were called to…’

b @ lincoln ctr

caroline has a class assignment
to study lincoln center + report
her findings to her classmates.

so off we went on an afternoon’s studyadventure
of our very own neighborhood.

did you know there are 29 indoor and outdoor
performances spaces in lincoln center?

after a tasty lunch
at 65 cafe,
we enjoyed the
outdoor amphitheater.

[they loved that it’s
technically the credit suisse amphitheater;
insert shout-out to daddy]

the best view of bway & 66th st

h couldn’t resist this
mode of exit;
i closed my eyes.

1955 . lincoln sq designated for urban renewal
1956 . lincoln ctr incorporated
1959 . groundbreaking ceremony w/ Pres Eisenhower
1962 . philharmonic hall (now avery fischer) opened;
cbs ran a 2-hr live special of the event.
1964 . the fountain opens

the bandshell

1964 . new york state theatre opens (think: ballet)
1965 . vivian beaumont theatre opens (now mitzi newhouse)
1966 . metropolitan opera opens

my, my, they were busy

1969 . alice tully & juilliard come online

we decided on ‘no talking’
while walking around the
reflecting pool.

of course, by ‘we’ i mean ‘me’


back to the fountain
to sketch what we saw

hen counting how many steps around
the fountain at various distances

we needed a moment @ the mac store

we’re in love

or in paris

home again home again jiggity jig

but not before the kind pinkberry lady
paints our cheeks

nathan catches up with us on the sidewalk,
coming home from bball & youth group

nathan + daniel;
go, suns