23 . March . 2012

my team of framing experts

fav night of the week:
fellowship community group.

nick, hannah, anita, keely, hisaya, cory + i
luke, ang, jeff, jay, nate + grace l
john, shannon, amy, jess, jen + hillary

{dear rpc staff,
please know i’m trying to
incorporate the new lingo.
i’ll keep trying.
v gratefully, kjc}

we were to dress as ‘queen esther’
for the purim party;
did we come close?

n + ez tear it up
at rushhour
before spending the next 30 min
sweaty wrestling and dodging

best after-school ever.

we finished!
caroline’s class auction project.
the auction is tomorrow night.

well done, kiddos!!

blocking for caroline’s class play
she’s sammy-the-squirrel

the trees on our street are
heavenly at the moment.

give that man a backrub

big sister lura + baby brother timothy;
congrats, a + l.

lura took this pic;
you can almost see my house from hers.

west 42nd to west 70th

midtown view from 58th fl


even if he trounces me at mastermind.

so thankful that the hole in
the neighbors fence got
justbigenough for lulu to come
through a few times a day. swoon.

looking for grey matter:
henry (top right) gets in on
the calf brain exploration during
his center school visit today.

harry got in on a v cool
bridge-building exercise.

ps – i’m never going to
get my to do list done today
if i don’t stop watching
vortex cannons + origami tutorials.

the kids should see this