let the teenage games begin

30 . March . 2012



surprise crew:
sharon, david, anita, carter, diane, bernhard
ethan/jane/laura, abe, jordyn, lyd/ez/micah
sara h/harry/, hen/caro/bets, adam/eli
carrie, nate, sara/lu + c

this picture looks Exactly Right*
to me,

nathan coming in from school,
book in hand,
finger as bookmark,
heavyheavy backpack,
big cheerful grin.

and i know what always comes next,
that hug.

my nathan hug.

i always try to surpress happytears
and act like it’s special but
not necessarily the HUGE deal that
it is to me
to have him home,
with us,

exactly where we want him.

props to adam k,
nathan’s handler &
get-him-to-the-party-unsuspecting guy –
strong work for one so young!

lifesaver relay,
girls vs. boys

{put your money on the girls}

caroline + carter

ethan + eli

henry + e

i heard rumors of one near-smooch
btwn an accidently toothpickless adam +
an unsuspecting henry…

and david kept saying,
‘what happens at the party
stays at the party…
until someone posts it on FACEBOOK, baby!’**

what’s that for dinner?

3 pizza boxes that look exactly alike
and the wafting smell of pepperoni…

box 1: pepperoni
box 2: cheese

box 3?

tricked ya:
a betsy-caroline-mommy special
pepperoni cookie cake for our beloved n.

chocolate chip + brownie, baby.

bosom buddies ready for bedtime.
happy birthday eve, n. xo

*it’s also pretty accurate in
the clothing dept:

1. he puts on a tshirt (red & surprisingly long today)
2. i suggest, babe, can you wear a collared shirt?
3. we end up with this combo that keeps us both happy.

*true. and scary.
i digress.
we’re in the Lord’s hands.

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