24 . April . 2012

‘no great city on earth is
in so constant and rapid
a state of flux as
new york.’

-rider’s new york city and vicinity guidebook, 1916

fresh country air

21 . April . 2012

at bentley farm

thanks, nate + the angell fam!

weak v. strong

21 . April . 2012

it’s been a week of
weakness for me.

of moving through this seemingly
oh-so pulled-together city,

listening & engaging,
participating & leading,
learning & shuffling & schlepping,
cheering & mourning,

but wishing to
run home and
curl up
and be weak.

and quiet.

to pray.

to be a child
before God
in prayer.

Jesus! what a Strength in weakness!
let me hide myself in Him.
tempted, tried, and sometimes failing,
He, my Strength, my victory wins.

and then to get back up,
in His strength
and move about this great city
in His courage and meekness.

in Christ’s strength-through-brokenness.


a morning’s game,
‘jump over the string’

c’s dirty knee shows how
exciting the action has
already been.

God does win

18 . April . 2012

‘perplexed with you.
aching with you.
trusting with you.
praying for you.

God does win.’

-wise words from the humblebeautiful cw to a mutual friend,
which gave me such encouragement that
i wrote them out in longhand
and taped them to my wall.


walking quigley* xo




finishing the last magical pages
of d’aularies greek myths.


ready for the day

*we’re tickledpink to be dogsitting
for two happy weeks while nick is in london.

new birth portraits

5 . April . 2012

new birth portrait series.

a must see.
today or tomorrow, preferably.

ps –
if you get into a train car that
ends in a 3 or a 5 (car serial no.)

look up!

womens bible society
sweet ads

thanks, nate

also in AMNewYork on
the bottom of the gossip pg
each day this wk

pps –
most importantly:

my fav people were together.
i’m dying.
i’m teleporting myself
back through time (yesterday)
and across the continent (cali)

brit, lu, p + jules!

a 255w70 reunion!!

with love.