on wrath + mercy

31 . May . 2012

that songphrase is lolling around in
my head this morning,

‘in wrath, remember mercy’

may it infuse our thoughts + actions today.

when situations get sticky,
when wrath & correction are deserved,

may i remember His mercy,

his ridiculous, unmerited, all.too.generous. mercy,

that drew me out of a miry pit
and treat others, in turn,
with that same Pit-Rescuing Mercy.

morv + jono’s sunrise this morning
over the north sea
from their kitchen window.


on leaving + longing

30 . May . 2012

tenderhearted caroline woke up crying this morning.

‘what do you do when it feels
like all of your friends
are moving away?’ she asked.

today is hayley’s last day in
c’s class before moving to korea.

(last night was spent drawing cards and
asking, ‘how do you spell KOREA?’
which tugged my heart into a sad spot.
i hate this feeling too)

may the Lord not be far off,
may He fill us with himself
and remind us that our true home is in him.

and may he take darngood care of our
friends, near and far.

xo allison {london} & jill {minneapolis}, as well.

seoul by night

ps – we’re watching instagram regularly
for photos of philly {crosbys} and
nashville {sauls} as they settle into
their new routines. xxoo

sleep sweetly

28 . May . 2012

sleep sweetly, little blog.

perhaps someday soon i’ll have
time to tell stories here.

until then,
i’ve befriended instagram
(look for me here: karijo10023)
as it’s so much easier/quicker.


rainy wednesday

23 . May . 2012

humility is the secret of fellowship,
and pride the secret of division.

– robert c chapman

habits of grace

15 . May . 2012

the habit of a mother who changes the world

‘be radical about grace and relentless about truth
and resolute about the real hills worth dying on.’

thanks, ann.

God knows there’s a need:
Christian responses to wealth & poverty
by, susan holman, oxford univ press, 2009.

how has Jesus met you in your
ordinary journey of discipleship,
community, and mission
this past week?

thanks, city seminary.

close-to-home bb tribute

5 . May . 2012

in light of adam yauch’s death,
a personal beastie boys tribute:

it’s patricia in the bed!

gorgeous girl. hilarious. xo

jesus shaves

3 . May . 2012

david sedaris, jesus shaves excerpt

because we’re going to see him @ BAM
on tuesday and it’s time to, um,
prepare our hearts.

thanks, amc. xo