shiny saturday

7 . November . 2010

luckily, i only have to climb
a single flight of these
[spectacular ansonia] stairs
to get to my fav ww mtg.

leader lisa is da bomb.

chilly saturday morning on pier 70
on the hudson river.

warming up for our
school walk-a-thon.

go, ps199.

coach regan leads us in
stretches to the rocky soundtrack.

my volunteer job @
the school fair at the end of the walkathon –
the moonwalk.

watching all of those
ecstatic faces as they
slid down the final leg
of that big bouncy blowing brilliancy,

heading out for a saturday evening
with my boyfriend +
church friends.

if only i’d known he was
making the universal
sign behind my head,
i could’ve obliged.

the beautiful,
the brave…

my coziest green scarf
from p when they were
in new zealand this summer,


return from utopia

4 . June . 2010

virtual hugs to welcome our
favorite ry + p + lu + jules
back from radiant new zealand.

ps –
it must be tricky to settle back in
to sunny ca after a glorious month
down under.
a fantastic problem to have.


but selfishly,
we’re so glad you’re back state-side, friends.


2 . February . 2008

that mid-winter,
gray day,

led to
a black trash bag
around the apartment this morning
and repeating, semi-audibly,

“i won’t even miss it”
(toss in item #1)
“he won’t even miss it”
(toss in items #2-5)
“we won’t even miss it”
(toss in items #6-7 and breathe a sigh of relief)


i’m feeling better already,
and i really don’t miss it.

ps – happy birthday, dad & lukeĀ 


12 . November . 2007

‘O God,
from whom all holy desires,
all good counsels,
and all just actions do proceed–
give us that peace
that the world cannot give,
that our hearts may be set
to obey your commandments,
and by your protection
we may live in peace,
through the merits of
Jesus Christ our Savior.

and as tim quoted
hudson taylor yesterday,

‘Lord Jesus,
make thyself to me
a living, bright reality.’

ps – template update:
i added the hudson taylor quote
to my weekly calendar
which i print out on
cardstock & 3-hole punch
to slip in my notebook.
tim encouraged us to pray it
frequently throughout the day.

good design

17 . February . 2007

…makes me happy.
makes me breathe.

pentagram design
the cool hunter
hable construction
moma design store, where you can find nathan and i
playing on stolen tuesday afternoons
jane marvel, whimsy is happy
tate modern (we’ll be there in may – my parent’s 40th and we’re traveling with them)
design public
kate is from kansas city, of course
citarella designs the best dern spring joy chicken salad around

happy long weekend, friends!
we’re off for a romp in rhode island…

food & soul food

3 . February . 2007

next week’s meal list, as i run out the door to hit fairway:

1. grilled chicken, butternut squash, salad
2. pork chops, broccoli & bow ties
3. chicken & rice soup, broccoli
4. capellini & sauce (we love that ittybitty spaghetti), salad
5. spinach lasagna
6. cheddar french toast & tomato soup, broccoli
7. tuna casserole of some sort

backup: split pea soup or bolognese sauce in freezer
snacks: apples, bananas, dried cranberries, popcorn, grapes
drinks: love margaret’s encouragement to add more oj, less reliance on milk for calcium

parenting conference:
we are so grateful to dr. and mrs. benton (i can hear her now, ‘it’s pam! just pam’)
for coming on such a cold new york weekend to encourage us in how to
raise our children in the admonition and nurture of the Lord.

they are a gracious, warm, Biblical, practical, godly couple.
emphasizing the importance of the covenant community, the
community of believers, they admonished us to root our lives in that
context. to seek the Lord ourselves, and not require things of our
children that we are not obeying as well. (thus preventing our
hypocrisy) thanks for watching our kiddos, justin & anita.
and nathan sat through this morning’s seminar with us (9am-12pm) –
good job, sweets. i’m surprised at how much he can recite
from the seminar as he was reading & playing pokemon, or so
it appeared.

may the Lord’s word bear great fruit in my life,
in our marriage, in our children.

dinner last night, nothing fancy food-wise, trying to convince betsy to eat sitting down… mealtime.jpg

monthly calendar

22 . January . 2007

‘the only reason you’re conscious right now
is because i don’t feel like carrying you.

jack bauer, he’s our man.
(we’re in the beginning of season 5 now)

anne marie – thanks for asking: the hymn for today
is ‘go, tell it on the mountain’ which should come with
a waiver – you Will Not get that song out of your head
all week long. sing at your own risk.

here’s my monthly calendar template that i just
change the month name on & then write in with
my colored pens & pencils. it makes me unbelievably
happy, the colored-ness & hand-writtenness of it, that is.
it’s the little things.

monthly calendar template
kj’s january calendar, for example

and my MOM is here! a sweet last-minute treat. flew in
yesterday afternoon, worshipped with us at the evening
service last night & is here until first thing wednesday morning.
hip hip hooray for betty lou.