15 . January . 2007

jenny, susan and i are talking about the ways we
can bring ‘order & loveliness’
to the routine
of family life and homekeeping.

i look forward to what you guys
come up with because i’m
desperate for advice over here.

the general template of,
weekday meals in the cates’ apt:

remembering that,
“through our daily meals
He is calling us to rejoice,
to keep holiday in the
middle of our working day.”


“…if they share this bread with one another,
they shall also one day receive
the imperishable bread together in the Father’s house. ‘
Blessed is he that shall eat bread in the kingdom of God.’ “

luke 14:15,
dietrich bonhoeffer, life together.

-my dreamycory whips up a hot meal
(oatmeal, cream of wheat,
eggs in their various forms,
and on sundays, pancakes.

(we’re firm believers in celebrating a
pre-taste of the ‘feast that is to come’
on the Lord’s day,
oh, yeah.

and we Strongly Encourage one rule:
keep your seats for fam devotions.
(singing*, cory reads scripture,
and prays for us.)

– i find reading them a story aloud while
the kiddos eat makes for a calmer mealtime;
if it’s a story of the spiritual order,
it’s most likely from
the jesus story book bible,
stories jesus told or
susan hunt’s abc bible verses .

– i prefer to dim the general lighting;
in an attempt to send a
not-so-subtle message here:

Seriously.Now, sillypants.

– read from Catherine Vos’ Children’s Story Bible

*cates fam (xeroxed) hymnal:

we plan to upgrade to letting the kids use the
gool ol’ Trinity Hymnals
when I trust that their hands aren’t
they can turn the pages without
ripping them out.

until then,
i photocopied 26 hymns each into
2 separate ‘hymn books’.
one hymn for each letter of the alphabet.

ideally, we sing a-to-z for 26 days
and then alternate to the next songbook.

(in reality, we have, oh, fifteen of them that
are catchy + are our favorites, so we
gravitate towards those.

think: victory in jesus
notsomuch: fairest lord jesus)

spiralbound w/ a plastic cover.
completely disposable & flexible,
ideally suited for the breakfast-y embrace of
2 to 10 yr old hands.

the first hymnals has:
a – all creatures of our God and king
b – blessed assurance
c – come, christian, join and sing
d – down at the cross (glory to His Name)
e – el shaddai
f – fairest Lord Jesus
g – go, tell it on the mountain
h – how sweet the name of Jesus sounds
i – immortal, invisible
j – joyful, joyful, we adore Thee
l – lead on, O King Eternal
m – may the mind of Christ, my Savior
n – nothing but the blood (we can’t get it out of our head!)
o – o worship the King
p – praise, my soul, the king of heaven
r – rock of ages
s – silent night, holy night
t – there is a redeemer
v – victory in jesus
w – we gather together
y – ye servants of God, your master proclaim

(good luck with k, q, x and z)



organization templates

2 . January . 2007

new year, new slate;
refining the systems of late,
dreaming of how 2007 should fall into

to that end, i offer these simple templates.
use them as a springboard and add your own flair.
happy organizing, friends.

daily to-do list
weekly menu & grocery list

sometimes coloring can really take it out of a guy.