it was a soul-filling pleasure to
worship with the ligh,
strickman, koontz, fung,
dalberth, chong, yeoh,
drew, and white families at
emmanuel presbyterian yesterday.

thanks be to God for the
incredible work he has begun
and is completing there.

special congrats to karis, jeremy & pippa,
abigail, hannah, erin, ashley,
noah & timmy
on their first communion.

may the love of Christ be
with you now and always
. xo

ps –
we remember when karis, jeremy & pippa were born;
God’s indescribable kindness to my heart
to see them growing + learning from Christ’s
humility and love.


. hooray for micah .

8 . May . 2011

we love you, cho family!

sunday, 8 may 2011
10:45am east side
redeemer presbyterian church

ps – i can’t wait for the part
in the service when they say,
‘do you, the congregation…’

and we will heartily respond,
we do, sweet angel, we do.

pps – here’s what abe + jordyn will say
‘i do’ to:

1. do you acknowledge your child’s need of the
cleansing blood of Jesus Christ, and
the renewing grace of the Holy Spirit?

2. do you claim God’s covenant promises in his behalf,
and do you look in faith to the Lord Jesus Christ
for his/her salvation, as you do your own?

3. do you now unreservedly dedicate your child to God,
and promise, in humble reliance upon divine grace,
that you will endeavor to set before him a godly example,
that you will pray with and for him, that you will teach
him the doctrines of our holy religion, and that you will strive,
by all the means of God’s appointment,
to bring him up in the nurture & admonition of the Lord?

on preparing

11 . March . 2011

it was simply a
prayerful person
receiving ashes on
ash wednesday.

and then he added The Hair.

and we knew who it was.

mr. abe’s signature style.

lent is a christian tradition
for 40 days

come on, easter.
thank you, Jesus.

by candelight

26 . December . 2010

heading out for the christmas eve
candlelight serviceĀ  @
the cates’ church,
parkville, missouri

on comfort

20 . December . 2010

“fear not then,” said the angel,
“let nothing you affright,
this day is born a Saviour
of a pure virgin bright,

to free all those who trust in Him
from Satan’s power and might.”
o tidings of comfort and joy,
comfort and joy
o tidings of comfort and joy’

breakfast w/ lisa + meg + em;
lisa’s last new york breakfast
before her wedding…

and on a weekend-side-note,
neil + lesego
came for dinner on fri and
we loved everysingleminute with them.

props+love, friends.

happy bday, karis

in tea + sympathy,
where people were getting on the
waiting list for mince pies
to be picked up the day before christmas.

the man next to me
ordered a dozen.

i’m going where he’s going.

west 14th st

it’s sunday morning, baby;
a taste of the Feast That Is To Come.

three boys make short work
of the dishwasher.

we even braided their
doll’s hair to match.

a braid-y happy household.

and familymovienight
the night before?


the four foodgroups?

candy canes,
candy corn,

cookies + carols on a
sunday-before-christmas afternoon?
yes, please!

and the boys spent the afternoon
scurrying around the apt
with harry
chasing after hex bugs.

to this mama
which translates as
to the boys.

thanks, guys.

ps – did you love how many
carols we sang in church
last night?

and sean’s song*??

sean, wow.
well done.

and what a pleasure to have
karen’s parents there.


*to the acoustic guitar tune of
‘ave maria’

he wrote these lyrics,

fourteen days ago
you had dreamed you saw an angel of the Lord
when i heard your story, i doubted
’cause miracles don’t happen to us
and friends all around were beginning to wonder
whose child it would be
people i know, they all warned me
and told me i should leave
but at night i heard from an angel
who said that i should believe you
thank you, maria.

faithful maria
you were calm, under fire, amidst the storm
oh, where was our God when we were wandering?
and no one would take us in
a stable was all we could find when the time came to bring him in
oh, where was our God when our baby was laid among animals there?
it took me awhile to realize that our God was laying there
thank you, maria.

-sean mclowry
(husband of our fabulous ena)


mic check w/ mr. joe

the real deal

is my smile big enough?
i thought my heart might burst
hearing these sweeties
reading that scripture;
luke 2:8-20

mad videography skills – lisa

beautiful job, ladies;
honor, leah, caroline + betsy.

and cheers for the ragland fam
who read scripture as a family.

and to jack + adelle ricci
and martin bashir

it feels like just yesterday
daniel, nathan + henry
were doing this,
reading scripture in church.


22 . November . 2010

1. the amazing dr ward:
she was lost [temporarily, at least]
and now
she’s found [thanks to sara h]

actual office address:
315 w 70
212 595 5501

2. kate + andy spade
@ home
via the selby
[thanks, betsy]

3. is it too early*
to break out the ‘nighttime’
alka seltzer?

’cause that’s what i need today, baby.

* i pulled a similar stunt
yesterday + needed
toothpicks to keep my
eyes open during church,

but even through the seltzy-fog,
that was a ridiculously awesome
sermon of john’s – wowsers.