7 . March . 2012

the days have been blowing by,
beautifully + strainfully?,
the past several weeks.

things to rejoice in
{stacy & chris spoke at mom’s group!
the w83 ministry center opened!
vacation & other rest-s,
baby caris xoxo,
fellowship group! in every wayshapeform,
lisa’s surprise baby shower,
kristie being here,
city seminary,
kathy k’s talk @ the hell’s kitchen mom’s grp,
n’s ypc rehearsals in prep for monday night’s gala,
w83 dedication service last wed,
and so on…}

and things to
pray against
and the like}

i am acutelygrateful for His word
and His presence in whirlwind seasons
like this.

what am i saying?
is this a shoutout for the bible?

i think so.
i think so.


the Very First Worship Service
in the new w83 space,
4 march 2012

ben prays +
the officers join him,

paul, bill, ellison, cory, kamal, dan,
david, abe & tim
{who can’t i see behind ben?}

a full house

tom, kristen, kyle
{k sang george herbert’s,
‘love bade me welcome’

officers at 11:15a
[yes, we went twice,
how could we not?!

full disclosure.
i went to 3 services
and cory went to 4.

it was a tremendously special day of worship.]

i love how they used the
skyline, in finger paint,
on the children’s wall.

after going home for a bit of lunch
and to see clint+lisa off,
we welcomed kristie &
headed back for the 5pm service.

victor prays @ the 5p

best end-of-the-Lord’s-day ever:
fellowship group dinner @ john + shannon’s

thanks, guys. xo

all of these photocredits: hpc

am + carter

henry’s self-portrait of
how gorgeous his face looks,

did we mention that on our way
to church last week
(redeemer’s last evening of worship @ first baptist)
he had a scooter accident &
ended up with stitches in his lip and
a hugeswollen abrasion all the way
to his eye? it was a mess. mess!

he missed school on monday
but was back on tues, but in
such bad shape that people were
cringing & calling me to see if he
was okay.

his secret weapon?
comfrey leaf compresses morning & night.
(thanks, rich & emily)



2 . March . 2012

anticipating builds:
the dedication service in the
redeemer’s w83rd building;

He has done great things,
bless His holy name.

my favorite way to see our entry way;
a jumbly-tumble of coats +
shoes discarded to promote
quicker entry to being with your friends inside…

ahhh, youth group.

mad props to bijan + his leaders;
you rule.

henry, caroline + betsy
l o v e d
preparing the snacks for yg.

i was touched watching them
so eagerly
so carefully
prepare + arrange-on-the-table
their culinary offerings.

mrpibb* + redvines = crazydelicious

the last ones there were playing
some cool game;
i shamelessly sneaked a picture,
their laughter was
eager. penetrating. beautiful. warm.

i was making myself scarce
but had to pop in for one.teeny.minute.

Yet you are near, LORD,
and all your commands are true.

Long ago I learned from your statutes
that you established them to last forever.

psalm 119:151-152

may this be their time of ‘long ago…’

*sadly, sans actual mr. p
in lieu of seltzer.

c’mon, now. who likes mr. p?!


a few weeks ago at the start of fellowship group,
betsy came at me full speed saying,
‘MOM we’re OUT of seltzer!!!’

and i responded,
‘woman! my time has not yet come!’

i didn’t.

but the fact that she thought the
Show Cannot Go On
without seltzer at fellowship group,

it was a proud moment.

she’s clearly been raised in the
Nurture & Admonition of the Lord.

itbegsthequestion: can group continue
when the seltzer runs out?

it was difficult,
but we pressed on.


who is jesus

16 . February . 2012

tim & co. were in
oxford last week;
thanks to the oiccu for
posting these.

one tuesday in february

7 . February . 2012

the sparkling hearst bldg
near caroline & jane’s ballet

happy early bday, morv!!

this counts as your birthday week &
we’re going to celebrate on your behalf.

remember the blt party…
we love you & wish we were there on saturday.

mandarin hwk

reminiscent of
portlandia’s ‘did you read’
on the 2/3 express today

well, hello, city seminary!

‘expect great things from God for the city;
attempt great things for God in the city.’

-harvie conn, via mark’s paper in
the int’l bulletin of missionary research

patient&creative amy
helps caroline w/ a tricky math concept

we weren’t exactly traveling light
to piano lesson.

ps –
thanks to ann & hope
for their book list for girls;
i was just emailing back and forth
with jenny f & elizabeth m re: girls books.

pps –
tim on nyc church/school decision

ppps –
gabe on cade in the huffpo

sneaky lies

6 . February . 2012

‘satan doesn’t leave teeth marks on your skin,
he leaves lies in your heart.’

– tim, last night @ 5p service

b’s taking her timeline to school today,
our fourth first-grader to enjoy
this ritual.

hats off to our youngest cates!

this is what my audience looked like
this morning as we
‘the story of the world: vol 1’

cold & snuggly

they’re fully dressed for school
under their respective blankets,
so i was happy to oblige to their repeated calls,

‘just one more chapter!’

daniel & nathan;
go, suns!

during n’s bball practice

our moonlit walk home
under the beauty of the riverside church steeple
after an evening of the
clemente’s warmest hospitality. xo

knock-knock jokes on the bus

redeemer thanks you

1 . February . 2012

rpc, wbs & csny

24 . January . 2012

always the hilight of our week,
fellowship group.

‘…the Holy Spirit uses [the scriptures] to form Christ in us.
we are not interested in knowing more
but in becoming more.’

eugene peterson, eat this book

bicycle + pencil skirt [does not equal] love;
lesson learned.

still a beautiful morning for womens bible society &
praying about how to spread God’s word
throughout nyc.

city seminary, baby.