of settling + runwayshows.

10 . January . 2012

my fav face of j’s,
right after i robbered her,

playmobil robber-man,
an exciting addition to settlers.

know the houserule j+a taught us?

at the end of the game,
the losers have to say,
‘all hail the Lord of Catan’
in the winner’s honor.

ez was the announcer,
lyd, c + b were the models,
fashionshow, baby.

even ama got in on the
grand finale.



One Response to “of settling + runwayshows.”

  1. morveniona Says:

    Playmobil robber man – GENIUS – the robber having a face makes it all the better. Now, I just need to find me a playmobil robber man…

    As for J and A’s addition – I think we may need to adopt that too!!

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