maternal reprise

18 . January . 2011

ayelet waldeman’s response to
amy chua’s ‘ why chinese mothers are superior’.

cory had it lying on the desk
for me when we returned
from rhode island
(he + nathan stayed behind
and had a grand time* of it;
a super-full boys wknd)
last night.

nathan said he read it +
said he seconds her ‘policies.’

[or lack-of policies, as it were.]

and one michael forwarded me;
‘what’s up, tiger mother’

[and have you read aw’s
‘love + other impossible pursuits’?
parts of it made me weep.]

*sample day:
on saturday, they had nathan’s
basketball game @ 11am.

then they went and played
2 hrs of basketball together,

had slices at koronet,

and went to a double-header
that evening at columbia;
go, lions.

all basketball,
all the time.

ps –
we do love betsy-tacy.

and this made us hungry
for more maud hart lovelace.

pps –
and this from carol c,
john piper’s, don’t waste your cancer


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  1. Karen Says:

    also, David Brooks today in the NYT. I thought he made some VERY good points, even though I don’t love sleepovers. I tried to send it to you, but it’s not working. Read it though. Would love to chat about it all.

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